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However, some days the weight of what we see and do everyday is too much to handle, and in those dark times I struggle to find a way to cope. Shocked and saddened to hear about Dr. Sophia Yin.

Health, neuroscience and behavior animal and human are among my biggest passions. I Hot wife seeking sex tonight Alamosa only writing now in the hope that it might help someone. If it helps you to think of depression as an illness that is sometimes fatal, then read no.

I have to say, though, it has often puzzled me that depression is considered an illness. As vets we list depression as a symptom. Even human medicine acknowledges many illnesses that have depression as a symptom.

I think it may be a disservice to some, to think of depression as a diagnosis. I have researched and pondered this issue quite a bit and I am not alone in what I believe. We know enough to know there are real differences in neurotransmitter levels in depression. But why? Ladies looking hot sex WA Tacoma 98422

We are not surprised when our muscles ache when we over use them, so why should we be surprised if our brain tries to give us the same message. With our nutrient depleted foods and over-stimulating lives relaxing might take a bit of conscious effort.

But eating the right foods, walking in nature, listening to the ocean, gazing at flame, brainwave entrainment, practicing positive visualizations…these are just a few of the tools for balancing the brain. If anyone Beautiful housewives wants sex tonight Indio this is depressed or suicidal, please seek help.